St Leonard's Rd, St Andrews KY16 9DY, UK

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What we offer...

For a modest £20 membership, this is what you can expect...


We run 2h sessions at Monikie Country Park once a week (or really, depending on the weather...) early in semester 1, as well as late semester 2 (again, depending on the weather...), free for all members. All equipment (wetsuit, life jacket, board and sails) is available on site. A qualified instructor is present at each session, and there is motorboat support available. These sessions are suitable to all levels!


Some space is available for boards and sails in a shed shared by some clubs. Please contact us for more details!

Disclaimer: there is no coast-guard surveillance close to St Andrews, so the Windsurfing Club cannot take responsibility for sessions outwith the Club's planned sessions.

For more information on how to practice windsurfing responsibly, have a look at the following page: the Sea.

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